Friday, January 15, 2010

What do you think about teenagers driving?

What do you think about teenagers driving?

im doing a paper..what do you guys think about teens driving and having bad grades..

do you think that teens should have good grades in order to get a license?


What do you think about teenagers driving?
Many teens help elders to get around. Many teens can be more responsible than some adults I have seen. Good grades help and I believe the driving age should be not with age, but with grades and responsibility. I remember when14 yearold kids drove a tractor! It should be individual.What do you think about teenagers driving?
You should absolutely be required to maintain at least a B average in school in order to get and keep a driver license.

I think 16 is a good age for beginners but I also feel that most young drivers these days do not get enough class room or behind the wheel training before being aloud to drive, I know for a fact they do not in Kentucky. And that there should be a curfew on them as well, and no driving in winter conditions until 18.
In 1990, at the age of 15, I got my license while I was in the 8th grade. I maintained C average thru graduation. Since then I've driven over 2 million across America, Canada, Mexico, and one trip to Alaska as an over the road truck driver. Ive had zero speeding tickets and zero accidents.

On the other hand, the smartest person in my class took the ACT each year from the 9th through the 12th grades. Her lowest score was a 24 in the 9th grade %26amp; the highest was a 35 in 12th. Her license was suspended in the 10th grade for trying to outrun a cop in her Mustang and revoked in the 12th grade because of a DUI.

Grades mean nothing when when it comes to commonsense, maturity, and judgment.
i think that if they can handle the responsibilty then they should have a liscense. Grades have nothing to do with it. Even smart people can be dumb sometimes. I'm a teenager myself so I know. i think I'm a good driver. As long as they follow the speed limits and don't drive recklessly, etc, then they should have a liscense. some teenagers need a liscense so that they can help their parents/grandparents, get a job, drive to school, or if they have a kid then they have to drive them to daycare, etc.
They should have to wait till they are 18, but that is not a law yet so the rest would be if caught with any type of phone in the car suspend their license for a year. Any type of DVD player in the front 5 year suspension. All the rest of the infractions should have a mandatory suspension of not less than 1 year.
I think that they should have a restricted license, that only lets them travel to an from work/school, from age 17 until they either finish school or turn 19, whatever comes first

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