Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How does peer pressure affect teenagers?

I am doing a project in social studies and i need to know how peer pressue affects a teenagers mental state.How does peer pressure affect teenagers?
The teenage brain is still shaping and forming through experiences. The brain doesn't stop developing by the age of 25. Peer Pressure like drugs, alchoal, even perhaps bullying will change the mind cordination and the memories/experiences will be engraved throughout their minds, unless they control it.How does peer pressure affect teenagers?
people who value a specific group, or individual, would naturally care what they think. the reason they value them may be actually caring for them or simply what they stand for. perhaps if one is not content with they way they are being treated, they will attempt to move to where it seems the most fun. if the peers you might be trying to associate with tell you something, and they apparently are having a good life, then even if you would normally have nothing to do with the thought or idea, you would accept it. it seems like it would be a form of unsociallizing and then resociallizing to comform to your peers accepted behavoir, for perhaps fun, or perhaps avoiding feeling alone. *shrug*
Teenagers do not have the maturity to understand what critical thinking skills are. To discriminate right from wrong, ya think its wrong to judge others. Most kids don't realize that they have a responsibility towards life and at an early age they start ignoring their duty and come up with the dumbest excuses why they do what they do and they think they sound smart, and they just grow up to be stupid adults.
It kind of makes you like sacred if what people think, like your paranoid what others think and if they like you and if they don;t like you what can you do to make them like you. like you feel like you have to fit in. It can make kids stressed or sad. If they don't fit in they can feel like an outsider. Some kids spend forever trying to ';normal';. Kids that are really weird think they are normal, but they actually are weird.
i am a teenager in high school. peer pressure cant affect those who dont care what will happen if you do or dont do somthing.

i dont fall into peer pressure. i let my heart and instinct guide me. thinking about things makes you susceptible to peer pressure.
Those who fall for peer pressure are weak minded. It hasnt affected me one bit.
it affects those who are concerned about it
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